We are starting this fundraiser as we have a very limited amount of time to raise a fair bit of money to save 7 Ram impalas (males).

We need to raise R8,400 which converts to £500, this may seem like a lot of money but to save these beautiful creatures it is just a small sum. There are no additional costs on top of this.
These impala in just over one week will unfortunately have to be culled (shot) as there is nowhere for them to go and no one can purchase them due to lack of funding.

We have a 1,200-hectare conservancy Ukuwela, in which we have various wildlife including impala and many other grazing species in which they will be very safe and happy with.

For this fundraiser, we have started a Go Fund Me page as well as 3 set challenged which will be posted online on the Wild Volunteers Facebook page for you to follow.

The first challenge will be a race carrying sandbags weighing 20Kgs+, we will weigh the bags as proof. This will be carried out on Tuesday the 10th October 2017.

The second challenge will be a plastic pulling challenge, on the conservancy there is a land fill of plastic left from the previous owners of the land. We have been working to eliminate this problem for a long time now, by hand. The challenge will be: two teams will have 2 hours to pull as much plastic from the land fill as possible and bag it up to be taken away. This challenge will be undertaken on Thursday the 12th October 2017

The third and final challenge will be a food challenge in which the 4 interns in the group and the intern supervisor will have to eat the big 5 edible plants (this is a lot more challenging than it seems), they will have to finish and swallow every bite. The final challenge will be carried out on Saturday the 14th October 2017.

Once the money has been raised and the 7 rams are safe, the Wild Volunteers will post a live video stream on their Facebook page of their release onto the conservancy to show everyone that has helped us achieve something amazing where their money has gone and show how donating even a small amount of money to a good cause can go a very long way!


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