Fundraising doesn’t have to be hard and it is a great way to motivated yourself and your team for your journey. Fun activities, games, events and challenges are a good way to get the public’s interest in your cause. Keep them short and to the point, relate them to your cause and even try raise awareness as you go. However do not make promises you cant keep.

Give your donors something in return. I.E for every R1000 raised you will complete a challenge from your list of their choosing. Remember to keep it clean and fun.

Watch this short video to learn more.

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Fundraising for others! 

The local schools, orphanages and communities in our surrounding areas are very poor. Not in pride and happiness but in books, pencils, food and much more. If you are joining us on one of our community programs or wish to help. We aim to improve there daily lives but giving them what they need most. We do this though fundraising. Our first steps into the schools will help you understand why. A simple HB pencil can make the world of difference to a child education. By the end of your program we will revisit the schools and provide them with the gifts we have raised money for.