My time in South Africa has come to an end but it has been another trip to remember. Originally I only planned to come out for six weeks but I then ended up extending it to twelve and what a twelve weeks I have had.

I got up to so many things from celebrating my 21st birthday, getting a new tattoo (I finally have a shark one), catching and releasing snakes, frog hunting with Tyrone, getting down and dirty pulling plastic out of the ground, seeing what we could find with pitfall trap research, camera traps to see what animals we have, being involved with a zebra release and then going on a zebra hunt to start an ID kit, me and Harriot kayaked and snorkeled in Kosi Bay.  Me and Anton even went and kayaked on the river with the crocodiles and hippos which was relaxing. Anton got a new boat that we had some fun on going up and down the river, having a few beers whilst slowly drifting along. There is so much more!



One of the best things was becoming a certified diver with Harriot and it opening a whole new world to me. The thought of learning how to dive was a bit daunting but it really wasn’t that bad. I learnt through Adventure Mania and Amanda our instructor just made the whole diving experience amazing, no tress just fun.

It’s always sad to leave but you then get to look forward to coming out again.

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