After his first attempt it was try two for Shishi verse the big bad world, this time we change the plan slightly we decided that for the first night we should feed him before we released him and not place food on the hatch so as not to attract unwanted attention form the wild Bush babies. His first two night of freedom went quite will and we didn’t really see him, this was a good sign and we started to get our hopes up. However, the next night we found him on the car outside the house, not quite where you want to find a bush baby. As hard as we tried we could get him to head back to the trees in fact he headed under the car and into the wheel arch. This is when we decided that it wasn’t safe for him on the Lodge grounds as there was far too many cars and he seemed to have no fear of being on the floor with the dogs. So unfortunately we were back at square one with a Shishi back in his cage for his own safety.

This lead to a cunning plan needing to be hatched, we decided that it was better to try and release him in a quieter spot so we moved him into a temporary enclosure that was moved of the lodge and to a spot just by the Conservancy. We made sure to move him in with his trusty log that he sleeps in every night to make the transition less stressful for him. He spent a couple of nights in this enclosure so he could get used to his surroundings before we released him again. This time we released him and fitted his log and a feeding platform into a big tree right above his enclosure in the hopes that he may use his log as a safe spot even out in the wild. So far he seems to be much more at ease and has been seen returning to his log to sleep during the day and we will continue to provide food for him until he finds his feet in the wild.

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