With Africa in our blood and more than 25 years’ experience in the conservation and African travel world we have now put together a few volunteering options where you can get an actual hands-on experience and make a real difference while you’re out here.

We have 6 options in our portfolio giving you opportunity to choose from any of the programs or try any combination of the programs that may interest you. Who knows where it may lay? A volunteering trip to Africa is often a life-changing experience. Through experiencing hands-on work in various fields and collaborating with experienced professionals on the ground you may find your true passion.

It’s also not all hard work. We can help arrange and put together some packages for your off days and even add on a safari package before or after your placement.


Ever since I can remember my family and I have taken in, rescued and given a second chance to a variety of animals. We always did have a soft spot for animals of all kind, so over the years we had a lot of animal antics and stories. I was never the brightest and was

Along with all the other projects, research and conservation work the Wild Volunteers do they also take care of the wildlife clinic that is onsite. The clinic is only small but the work put into it is a lot, making sure that it is ready for any animal that may end up here. The clinic


The best place to be if you have a passion for the outdoors and experiencing life in the bush with a bit of comfort.


Environmental Education Camps and Programs

Education and conservation through Environmental Awareness programs with youth groups and families from all over the world.

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