Whether you are looking to start a career in conservation,or wish to have a break with a difference, Wild Volunteers are the perfect platform to experience the real South Africa.

By Hayley Davis Me, Harriot and Logan started the day off at 5:15am getting in the truck and heading off to where the buffalos were. We thought that we were only going to dart and relocate two buffalos but it ended up being nine. Once we arrived we got out of our truck and into

By: Victoria (Tori) Gray At the end of last week us 4 interns were joking around with Harriot about wanting to get another pet…on top of the pet python we already take care of in our room! She told us these obviously cannot be kept as pets, but we could try and save some impala

Today we were involved in clearing a path through a densely wooded area on Unkhumbi’s property. To make this path we had to go through first with machetes chopping down all the grass on the trail. We also had to chop down any trees that hung too low and obstructed the path. Following the machetes,


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