Kori was the beginning of it all, he showed me my potential.

Ever since I can remember my family and I have taken in, rescued and given a second chance to a variety of animals. We always did have a soft spot for animals of all kind, so over the years we had a lot of animal antics and stories.
I was never the brightest and was a bit of a slower learner in school, but anything to do with animals I was able to pick up like id been doing it for years. My passion in life was always animals but occasionally a job opportunity or hobby would stray me off my path. I always came back to the same dream in the end.




We do not promote the cuddling of wild animals but this neurotic primate was so tame he craved human companionship.
Successfully Re-wilded and released

Since 2016 I have had the privilege to work with my friend and boss, Mr Anton Roberts at Umkhumbi lodge, who has many years’ experiences, skills to teach and more than enough stories to keep us laughing and learning. With his help we began taking in injured and orphaned wild life (small animals), we had great success and it was extremely rewarding. Never in my whole life have I felt as good as the day I raised a Black bellied bustard from an abandoned chick to a fully independent wild animal ready to face the world. I had truly found my purpose.

The animal rehabilitation has been going fantastically for years now and I have gained stories and experiences both bad and brilliant of my own, it has all been phenomenal and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else what would make me feel the same way as releasing a happy, healthy animal to once again thrive in the world.

In the last week we have received two birds once by chance who few into a mangers house, a little emerald spotted wood dove with a concussion who I have named Injongo in Zulu this means purpose. I named her this as she has reminded me of my purpose. My purpose to look after the little things, the over looked animals, the animals that people would normally dismiss the chance to care for over that of a “cool” animal. Injongo is the meaning behind everything I stand for and I will always go above and beyond for any creature because I believe everything deserves a chance to thrive

African green pigeon with muscle damage to left wing.
Has made a nice companion for Injongo

Injongo – Purpose in Zulu.
One small bird can remind you of your path and remind you that your dreams are possible.

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