January 21, 2019

Along with all the other projects, research and conservation work the Wild Volunteers do they also take care of the wildlife clinic that is onsite. The clinic is only small but the work put into it is a lot, making sure that it is ready for any animal that may end up here. The clinic

January 14, 2019
Harriot Brill

Not all animals are active during the day, there are some that prefer to come out at night and I don’t blame them. Whilst I was with the Wild Volunteers I got to be involved with going on some of the scorpion walks at night with a few of the guests that were staying at

October 3, 2017

By: Victoria (Tori) Gray This week we were introduced to the two stunning Western Barn Owls at the lodge, Fat Owlbert and Muhammad Owli, and the two beautiful Spotted Eagle Owls on the conservancy, Kludd and Igor. Over the last few months since being in South Africa, I’ve come to love and appreciate birds far

July 2, 2017

  What would you draw if I asked such a question, what images first come to mind? Vast expanses of rainforest, an island in the Pacific Ocean surrounded by turquoise waters, a park near your home, or a city buzzing with people during rush hour? I could draw the forest which extends in front of