Christmas in the bush for me is not your traditional set up with big fir trees and sitting round the dinner table with my family. Christmas is not even a big event for me but living on a bush lodge everyone pulls together to make it extra special for the guests on the day.

Even though I do not have my Parents, sister and other immediate family surrounding me, Christmas at Umkhumbi Lodge is still pretty special. Even though the day doesn’t hold much meaning for me, my wonderful south African family always goes above and beyond to include me and make me feel part of their Christmas family fun.

Its this time of year that makes me appreciate everything just that little bit more…. (Not to get all sentimental on you). It makes me realise what I have waiting for me in the UK, all the wonderful people I miss and love so dearly. It makes me see the fantastic family that has formed here in the bush… and now Christmas has a bit more meaning again now we have young Bradley running around the lodge.

So Christmas in the bush is not cold, we have decorated dead trees instead of fir trees, we like to have a braai in the heat of the day and spend the day in good company with an ice cold beer to kick off the celebrations…. I think I have it pretty good if you ask me 😊

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