January 29, 2019
Harriot Brill

Ever since I can remember my family and I have taken in, rescued and given a second chance to a variety of animals. We always did have a soft spot for animals of all kind, so over the years we had a lot of animal antics and stories. I was never the brightest and was

January 21, 2019

Along with all the other projects, research and conservation work the Wild Volunteers do they also take care of the wildlife clinic that is onsite. The clinic is only small but the work put into it is a lot, making sure that it is ready for any animal that may end up here. The clinic

January 14, 2019
Harriot Brill

Not all animals are active during the day, there are some that prefer to come out at night and I don’t blame them. Whilst I was with the Wild Volunteers I got to be involved with going on some of the scorpion walks at night with a few of the guests that were staying at

December 31, 2018
Harriot Brill

When you come to Africa you tend to only think about the big things like elephants, giraffe, lions, rhinos, hippo, wildebeest, buffalo etc, but the little animals matter just as much. There are so many small and wonderful things in this world that we don’t really know much about from inverts and amphibians to reptile