While our new animal clinic isn’t quite finished we have welcomed our very first residents in the form of two juvenile Spotted Eagle Owls. There came to us after being taken from their nest and played with and hit by some children, unfortunately this resulted in one of them having to have their right eye removed. Due to their young age the vet is hopeful that a full recovery will be made and  they will be able to be released and thrive in the wild.

We would like to introduce Kludd and Igor we gave them their names when they first arrived. Little did we know that Igor already had a name after spending a few days at the vets where they named him Albert. As much as we loved this name Igor had already stuck with us all here.

Meet Kludd our hansom boy and the quite one of the two.



Meet Igor our feisty and always hungry little fella.


Keep checking back to see the progress and hopefully the successful release of the boys.

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