As you read these lines, be it on your computer, cellphone, or tablet – do you feel like a part of nature?
What if I said you should; would you think I’m crazy?

We have changed the world we live in drastically. The extent of our impact is greater than for any other species before us. But, just like all the other living organisms on this planet, we are a product of evolution through natural selection.

All our actions are governed by the same underlying principles every other species are ruled by. However complex our societies, technology, culture and understanding of our surroundings, or ourselves, may be, the ultimate and proximate drivers which lead to such manifestations are the same as for any other living organism.

Let’s go further down the rabbit hole.
We are part of nature, our behaviours are natural, what we build is natural – from shacks to skyscrapers, bicycles to airplanes.  We may invent new technology but, nothing we create defies the laws regulating our world.
All the materials we use are harvested from our planet – which is natural, wouldn’t you say?
When we mold materials, we do not create anything, we just transform it. According to Lavoisier, the father of modern chemistry: “Nothing is lost, nothing is gained, everything is transformed.”
We just do so on a grander scale.
Can we fly? Breathe under water? Live in extreme environments? Communicate over kilometres of distance?

Our physiology prevents us from doing this – so, we build contraptions, allowing us to go beyond our physical limitations.






Many other species make or use tools, build homes, modify their environment to their benefit, and to the detriment of others, or have better sensory apparatuses than we do.



So, we play by the rules, like everyone else. Sure we might play a little harder, but we are a young species, and we have yet to witness a full cycle in our population trend. The unknown is both scary and exciting.
So, let me ask again; are you part of nature?


By Cyrille Tchesnakoff

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