20170410_163953As we continue our adventure in the bush of South Africa we have had the privilege to release a family of Banded mongoose. This was the second release in the last month or so, they are beautiful and smart creatures. The banded mongoose live in family groups from seven to forty, they eat anything as small as a beetle to larger prey like snakes and rodents. The family we released were a total of eight, five adults and three young. They were held in the enclosure for four days before we released them back to the wild. Prior to that the family was in a rehabilitation program with Crow a local wildlife rehab centre. Since the release we have seen the family thrive, they still come back to the enclosure once in a while but they seem very comfortable in the area they currently inhabit. We do come with food every couple of days just to make sure they have something to eat as they have to get used to foraging for their own food. We will continue to watch for them as we hope they find happiness in their new home.

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