We are fortunate enough to be the very first interns into this new program, having done 3 months at GVI before being placed here with Anton and Harriot to take part in work experience. They were kind enough to come and pick us up from our previous accommodation 9 hours away and drive us to our new accommodation at
Umkhumbi Lodge.

Here we are being given the opportunity to shape our own experience based on our strengths and interests. We have been set 3 big projects to aim to achieve in our 3 months here, these are to build a new bird enclosure, plan and create an new animal clinic and habitat manage the plastic on the property. While also carrying out the all important re-wilding process on the animals within our care, from a troop of mongoose to a bush-baby that lives outside our room.

For our first month we have been given the task of obtaining a species count on the property in order to gain an understanding of the numbers of different species and individuals housed here. This is with the aim of merging properties and dropping fences to make a greater expanse of unbroken natural wilderness. This is being carried out by the use of pitfall traps, humane mammal traps and camera traps to provide our all important data. Over the next few weeks we will be working towards this objective as well as building the new bird enclosure, so keep checking back for more updates on how our projects are going, along with any exciting surprises that may occur along the way.



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